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Theresa of Avila

Theresa of Avila was a Spanish nun born in 1515. She was known for having visions in which God sent a messenger or appeared to her. During her life she created the order of Discalced (barefoot) Carmelites. This order of Carmelites believed in the vow of poverty hence barefoot, and she also believed in the convents autonomy. However, this was not received well in a faith where the church was only second to God.
Theresa was questioned in her beliefs and visions. It was thought that she might have fabricated what she claimed she saw. She was also considered to be a heretic, and this lead to the inquisition interrogation in 1576. Theresa because she was a woman and considered a mystic was considered dangerous.
Mysticism was believed to be evil because it went against the church’s teachings. Mysticism teaches that someone must believe in oneself above an institution. One can achieve spiritual connection with God without the church. Someone only needs God or who he or she believes in for enlightenment not an authoritative structure such as the church to help him or her with his or her spiritual connection to God.
Theresa wrote about her mystical experiences. There are detailed accounts in her own words about her visions and how her body reacts when she has these visions. Physical symptoms such as headaches, fainting spells, and convulsions occur while in a state of ecstasy.
The sculpture shows what is called the transverberation. In which an angel appears and Theresa is struck with a golden spear.

Souce: http://www.students.sbc.edu/oneal08/St.%20Theresa%20of%20Avila.html

Close on angel and her

Tượng thánh nữ Theresa trong cơn xuất thần (The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa)



Một cảnh giới thiên đàng (tranh vihuela_LucaSignorelli)

Một cảnh giới thiên đàng (tranh vihuela_LucaSignorelli)

Thiên đàng mô tả theo kinh Qur'an với 72 trinh nữ (houris)

Thiên đàng mô tả theo kinh Qur’an với 72 trinh nữ (houris)

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